WORDS matter

What you say, what you type, what you text, what you post….matters.

WORDS can hurt….or words can heal.  

The District Attorney’s office fights crime in the courtroom everyday.  We then highlight our cases to the public so everyone can see when someone has committed an act of violence or harmed another.  However, we no longer want to only highlight acts of violence on our website and in our press releases -  we want to also highlight the acts of kindness that exist in our world. And our WORDS campaign will do just that.

The Albany County District Attorney’s Office wants YOU to highlight the ACTS OF KINDNESS being done by youth in our communities.  We are asking youth throughout Albany County to participate in Random Acts of Kindness (RAOK), with an emphasis on the theme that WORDS CAN HURT OR WORDS CAN HEAL.

Participants are then asked to record this act of kindness via artwork, photo, or video and submit them to our office.  Send us a link to your Tumblr, your Instagram, your YouTube video, or your artwork.  Don't have any of these accounts? Don't worry, you can still submit your entry via email.  You can submit your entries here.

Have you read a great book lately promoting Acts of Kindness? Have an inspiring individual in your life that motivates you to complete Acts of Kindness? Tell us about it below in essay format for a chance to be recognized for your great work!

SO....What are you waiting for?  Submit your entry today and show us how you use your WORDS!

Our words determine our thinking, and our thinking controls our actions, and our actions define our character. How will you use your words today?


*Submissions can only be accepted from students grades K-12 that attend school in Albany County, including students that are homeschooled.

*Before a winner is selected their school attendance must be verified.

*All entries must include some multi-media component: a drawing, a photo, a video, or a social media post including a visual representation of the act of kindness.